The Voyage Home: A Prayer for Re-Entry after Rehab

This prayer is for anyone who is re-entering life after rehab, whether you were in rehab for addiction, an eating disorder, psychiatric hospitalization, or another form of inpatient treatment. Select the word at the end of the first stanza that makes the most sense for you, or add your own word to the prayer. 

Holy One of Blessing,
You found me in the depths,
gave me strength to climb to rescue,
an ark in the storm
of my own [addiction] [trauma] [making]

Gasping for air, 
grasping for Your hand, 
I reached 
until You reached me 
Now I prepare 
to sail again 
and I am afraid
Will waves pull me down once more,
drowning the sound of my cries for You?
Will I become a sigh
and then a silence,
lost forever to those 
who call my name? 
Dear God, give me oars, a compass, a star, anything 
Holy One of Blessing
fill my lungs with air
and grant my heart the strength
to keep beating 
Help me withstand the storm inside 
Remind me 
I am not alone
Stay with me, pray with me, 
Remind me of the miracle 
of my own precious life, 
a life worth returning to the shore 
from the depths
because a horizon awaits
with a new voyage ahead
Blessed are You, God, who strengthens and supports me
in uncharted waters
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