Traveler’s Prayer for Safe Passage

pedestrians from behind

This prayer was created to affirm all the choices that someone might make to help ensure their safe passage. It is intended especially for those choices that may be seen as wrong or invalid by others or society (i.e. choices such as using the bathroom that feels correct, or not, and dressing in line with one’s gender, or not.)

May it be your will God, God of my community, God of my people, and God of my ancestors, that I be granted safe passage while moving throughout my day. May I find safety in the spaces, the choices and the places that I encounter, and may I find peace, kindness, and compassion in the eyes of all that I meet. May I know that all of the decisions I make for my own safety are mine alone to make, and only I can judge their merit and validity. And should I face pain, invalidation, anger or fear, may I find the strength within me to continue on and reach my destination safely, and in one piece. Blessed are you God, who strengthens my spirit, and guides my passage to safety.

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