Tevet: A Liberation in Knowing

three candles glowing orange yellow in the dark
Seven is completion.
Hanukkah lights where
Eight sends us beyond
This world,
Casting illuminated gaze
Toward the vision
Contained within
The silence of
I do not always know
When I should be quiet.
And the loudest I am 
Is when I am angry,
Or, sometimes, when I pray,
Or, yes, here, too:
In the deepest vulnerability of all,
A poem.
Jacob teaches,
We weave
And reweave,
The narratives
Of our lives,
Over and over again,
As we reach toward 
A liberation in knowing.
Why do we bless 
In the names of 
Joseph’s sons,
Manasseh: “To forget”
Ephraim: “To be fruitful”?
May it be
Because we are asking
For the trauma
To be healed
In our children.
Because we know
Some injuries
Are there 
For generations.
And because we believe
In the blessed
Journey of 
Becoming whole.
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