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A Song of the Ascents

From Kol Haneshamah Daily Prayerbook

Shir Ha-ma'alot

Ashrei kol-yiray Adonai ha-holech bi-d'rachav:

Yagiya kapecha ki tochal ashrecha vi-tov licha:

Eshticha ki-gefen poriyah bi-yarkitay vaytecha
banecha ki-sh'tilay zaytim saviv li-shulchanecha:

Hineh ki-ken yivarech gever yiray Adonai:
Yivarechicha Adonai mi-tzi'on

u-ri'eh bi-tuv Yirushalyim kol yimay chayecha:

u-ri'eh vanim li-vanecha shalom al-Yisrael.

A Song of the Ascents
Psalm 128

Happy are all those in awe of The Almighty One,
who walk in paths that God established.

When you enjoy the fruits of your own labors,
happy are you, how good it is for you!

When from within your household grows a fruiting vine,
when children of your household grow like sprouting olive branches,
filling seats around your table,

This is a way those in awe of God are blessed.
May The Abundant One bless you from Zion,

and may you, in turn, behold Jerusalem’s prosperity
throughout your life,

and may you live to see your children’s children,
and well-being over Israel.


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