Seder Checklist




Invite guests

4–6 weeks in advance


Choose haggadah or haggadot [pl.]  make sure you have enough for everyone

4 weeks in advance


Begin Passover cleaning

4 weeks in advance


Plan menu

3 weeks in advance


Invite guests to bring food and/or prepare parts

3 weeks in advance


Shop for non-perishables; order wine

2–3 weeks in advance


Plan out seder  What will you read? What will you skip? What will you sing? What props do you need? Consult books, etc.

2 weeks in advance


Photocopy additions or songsheets

1 week in advance


Shop for perishables

3 days in advance


Finish cleaning and kasher kitchen; unpack Passover dishes, etc.

2–3 days in advance


Begin cooking

2–3 days in advance


Set table

1 day in advance


Last minute seder planning and tweeking

1 day in advance


Finish cooking, arrange seder plate or plates, finalize seating

Day of seder



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