Refuah Shleimah

Creator of all, Giver of Wisdom,
Help us to embrace Your ways.
When sometimes we can’t understand Your why,
Remind us that sometimes only You know reasons.
When there are things beyond our understanding,
Remind us that we don’t always need to understand.

G-d of all, Giver of Life,
Your ways are ways of righteousness.
Who are we to doubt You?
Are we so vain as to question Your plan?
Yours is divine inspiration and guidance,
Our paths are created by You.
You, bring the new day’s sun,
Your golden light, shines upon us.
Even in our pain and deepest sorrow,
Your still, small, voice is present.
You give the gift of unconditional love,
Your teachings are a signpost, leading us home.
Merciful and loving in Your ways,
Show us compassion when we hurt.
Teach us to see new beginnings,
When we see only an end.
Graciously shelter us under Your wings, 
Granting us peace and Refuah Shleimah.

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