Rainbows and Storms: A Queer Poem

Rainbows and storms go hand in hand,
Some storms are light,
Barely swaying the limbs of a tree.
Some uproot trees.
Tear down mountains.
Flood entire towns.
Still a rainbow resides,
Behind each cloud,
Through each particle of light.
Some rainbows are cut short,
Here for a moment and gone the next,
Their beauty barely catching our eyes.
Sometimes we never do glimpse,
All they were meant to be,
Every beautiful thing, gone.
Though the clouds have passed.
I still weep – we still weep.
The storm still looms over head in some towns.
We don’t see the rainbow,
Yet we know it is there,
Trembling terrified, alone.
Struggling to hold out.
To wait for a break between lighting and thunder.
Declaring at long last.
The storm has passed,
The rainbow is free,
Now at long last.
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One Response

  1. I chose this poem for my recent name blessing ceremony for my chosen name. It was read at the beginning by my best friend. It really helped everyone land in the space. I just want to share some gratitude for you writing it and putting it here. Thank-you

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