Prayer for the Victims of the Terrorist Attack in London, Ontario

Oh, my brothers, my sisters.
Each the children Abraham;
each a sacred people.
Allah, Adonai – please give ear to us.
We are Your children; we turn in prayer to You.
Here we weep, as children of Abraham.
United under our God, and under our loss.
We mourn for the souls ripped away.
For this act of hatred against our brothers and sisters.
For this sin committed against Your children.
Against Your holy ones.
May You mourn with us for these bright souls.
Each of them a world lost.
As we weep let each tear be a prayer,
Each prayer an act of remembrance.
Draw near to us, Allah.
Shelter us, Adonai.
O God of our fathers and mothers,
weep with us.
May their memories be eternally for a blessing.
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