Prayer for our Kurdish Brothers and Sisters

Source of Life, Source of Peace,
Protect and give strength to our Kurdish brothers and sisters
Standing in the line of fire
Running for their lives as the Turks attack
Keep their dreams of freedom alive
Fuel their hope for a better life
Clear their vision for independence
Now clouded by the smoke of bombs

Shelter them under your protective wings
May their path be filled with allies
May they find food, water, safety, solidarity
May they find the strength to continue on the long journey ahead

Source of Life, Source of Peace,
Protect the brave journalists
Standing in the line of witness
Sharing the terrible truth
With those of us unable to help

Shelter them as they film and report
Keep them safe as they share the trauma
Of our fellow human beings

Source of Life, Source of Peace,
Grant us the emotional power to witness
To not look away
To not change the channel
To not change the subject
Even when there is little we can do

Open our hearts
To hold the pain of others
Open our mouths
To cry out for them
May our voices crack with prayer

Source of Life, who led us out of Egypt,
Who gives us strength to resist oppression
Do not look away from your children
Suffering around the world
Teach us how to be allies
To stand up for the oppressed

Even when there is little we can do
Ready our hearts
Steady our hands
For the moment when we can do something
Whether to speak, donate, call a senator
Or simply to sit with the truth
And make space in our hearts for peace

Help us remember that we are human
That we stand with all humanity
That we do not want to be enemies
That peace is reachable and necessary

Let us stand on the side of peace

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