Prayer for One Nearing the End of Life

Once in a while a person approaches me with a request that I say or offer a prayer for their loved one whose death is imminent. They are clear that they don’t want a healing prayer but rather something which honours the transition on the horizon. 

Berukhah At Shekhinah, Eloteiniu Ruakh ha’olam – Blessed are you, Divine Spirit Who dwells among us and within us, we offer our praise for the life that you give us and for the vitality we enjoy. For our beloved [insert name of person here], who is nearing the end of days, we ask that you be with them/her/him, sheltering them/her/him beneath your wing in comfort. May they/she/he release with ease and may they/she/he know that their/her/his ancestors, who have been at their/her/his back these many years, await them/her/him now with open arms. Amen. 

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