A Prayer on Family Conflict

There is a blessing to honor your parents.
But is there a blessing to be angry at them?
The Rambam tells us to avoid anger.
But was he there when Joseph’s brothers sold him into slavery?
When Hagar and child were cast out of her husband’s house?
When Shem and Japeth covered Noah, naked and drunk?
To choose not to sin, yes.
But to disregard the sins of others, no.

G-d requires something more.
To face others and ourselves.
To see when others are wickedly or unwittingly blind.
This is where Rambam, Almighty G-d, and we all must meet.
In the moment, when we could look away
But decide instead to look closer and say
Not in G-d’s name.
And certainly not in ours.
Barukh Dayan Ha’emet.
Blessed is the True Judge.

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