Prayer for Acute Mental Illness Crisis

Hashkiveini Adonai Elohai le’shalom ve’ha’amideini shomri le’hayyim
Adonai, my God, make my laying down low be peaceful.
Make me able to raise up again to life, my Guardian.

I come to you in a time of great affliction and pain.
I come to you in a time where society does not understand my pain.

My troubles are many, my lack of comfort is heartbreaking.
I have become enslaved by my mental illness.
I look for support, but I feel lonely.
I may not be alone, I may be surrounded by many.
But my loneliness is severe.

I pray that my caregivers and doctors will soon be able to help me to feel better.
I pray that my neighbors and my family will soon be able to accept me.
I pray that I will soon be able to love myself again.

My pain is unique, as is everyone’s.
Guardian, I pray that You will always be with me.
That in my solitude I find a comforting and kind presence.

U’Fros alai sukkat shlomekha,
I pray that You will spread over me a shelter of Your peace.
Help me to find a way forward.
Help me so I can help myself.
Help others so they can see and help me.

I know I am not alone, even if I feel that way.
Don’t give up on me, so I don’t give up on myself.

Yodeah ta’alumot, Knower of all mysteries, 
Thank you for being with me. 

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