Paths of Fullness: An Interpretation of Psalm 23

The Holy one is my Guide;
     my life is whole.
We journey together
     over fertile hillsides
     and rest
     beside nourishing springs.
This is my spirit
     ever renewed,
     for my Guide leads me
     down paths of fullness.
Even when my steps lead
     into the kingdom of death
     I do not fear
     for I know you are with me.
Your presence
     your shelter
     is a comfort to me.
With you I can set myself aright
     in the face of
     deepest sorrow;
     and soon my joy is filled to overflowing.
As I journey on,
     nothing but kindness and love
     shall follow
     until the day I finally return.
To my Source,
     my destination.

Used by permission of the Reconstructionist Press.


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