Passover Pyramid Cut Out

  • What is it? On Passover, the Jewish community asks ourselves, friends, family, and neighbors. What makes this night different from all other nights? Four Jewish racial justice leaders shared their answers. Assemble it as a pyramid for your Passover table and ask your guests to read and respond to their powerful answers.
  • How to use it: Print out this sheet, cut it out, and assemble it into a pyramid. Place it on your seder or Shabbat table, either as an object for your guests to casually interact with as they get settled or as a facilitated conversation piece. Go around the table and have everyone answer the question, “Why is this night different from all other nights?” Read out loud the answers from Chava Shervington, Ma Nishtana, Isaiah Rothstein, and Tiffany Harris and share your reactions to the text. From this night forward, how might you engage in racial justice work?

And check out Repair the World’s Passover page here!

Repair the World was founded in 2009 to make meaningful service a defining element of American Jewish life. Repair mobilizes tens of thousands of young Jews to volunteer in tackling pressing local needs each year, and Repair equips communities and partners to do the same. These volunteers help transform neighborhoods, cities, and lives through meaningful service experiences rooted in Jewish values, learning, and history.


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