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Psalm 92 tells us “…L’yom ha Shabbat…tov l’hodot la-Shem…”—”for Shabbat…it is good to give thanks to G-d” and “Mah gadlu ma’asecha haShem“—”how great are Your works, O G-d!” So it seems natural on Shabbat to go outside, enjoy, and praise.

Once a month, our community has a meditative outdoor Shabbat experience. We go somewhere where we have the opportunity to walk slowly, observe the natural beauty around us, and reflect on our place in it.


Below you will find alternative translations for key sections of the Amidah (created by Rabbi Amy Loewenthal). These translations highlight themes you can use to relect on your experiences out of doors. What do you see? What do you hear? What are you feeling? If your Shabbat practice includes writing, drawing or photography, you might want to record your responses with words or images.

When doing this as a communal activity, participants should meet up with each other at planned intervals to share observations and reflections.


We reflect on our great fortune to be part of this World, this stunning [………] region, on this Sabbath day made for thankfulness and beauty and peace.

1 Avot  v’ Imot: ANCESTORS
Ancient, Ancient beings…

2. Gevurot: DIVINE POWER 
You bring the dew, the wind, the rain 
You raise up the Fallen
Healing and Releasing in compassion
Power of Life and Death

3. Kedushat ha Shem: NAMING THE HOLY
All the world is filled with Glory!

4. Kedushat ha Yom: THE DAY’S HOLINESS 
All the work was done 
The seventh day – to rest, to take a breath
A day of pleasure and delight

Please know, we are aware of You
Help us feel at Home

6. Hoda’ah: THANKS 
Small miracles, daily wonders 
All of Life can sing its praise

7. Birkat Shalom: PEACE 
Shine on us the Light of Blessing 
It is safe to love and to spread peace

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