Once We Were Slaves In Egypt

a peace sign painted on a stone
“As ones who now determine our own destiny, we now have an obligation that Jews historically did not have to deal with – treating the stranger in our midst.
The words that we repeat in the Haggadah – ‘Remember that you were slaves in Egypt’ – are not only meant to remind us to not take our freedom for granted, but can also be seen as a message about remembering how we were treated as strangers – and how we should treat other strangers now.”
The Jerusalem Post, Editorial, April 18, 2019
Two melodies pull the soul:
First, the marching song
fueling the beating heart
pumping the
Messianic delivery of freedom.
And the counter melody,
soothing threads
opening the heart
bring a tear to the eye.
The song of freedom
in one ear
singing defiantly–
never again;
The song of humility
in the other,
a song of compassion
for the victim
Polar emotions are not foreign
to the human condition
we evolutionary survivors
claim the sword and the plow.
We are warriors built to fight–
look at the ancient cities
built on hilltops
surrounded by fortified walls.
We are builders built to prosper–
look at the modern cities
offices, factories, schools, places of worship,
homes filled with thriving families.
There is a time to make war,
there is a time to make peace.
In each soul both sing.
Listen to the tune hardest to hear.


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