The fight is not for one city at a time.
It is for the whole of the earth.
Those perennial plagues of humanness,
Greed, corruption, hatred, self interest, selfishness and 
Push my feet deeper into the mud
Even as Covid binds my steps
To the near confines of a 913 foot Ark-like space.

Inside, I strive to feel almost safe,
Counting on God to walk with me.

A simple poem
For a not so simple task.

At best, I want to be as Noakh;
One who saves what is around me 
Through acts of alert, attentive kindness. 

Be gentle with my husband.
Reach out to a friend.
Remember my children.
Practice patience with aging family.

Breathe with the trees 
Who hug my home.

These could be small things.
Or are they?

A world,
My world,
Better cared for 
And loved.

While that may not be enough,
In the end,
It is certainly the place 
Where I can start.

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