The Nature of Prayer

Is prayer asking for our redemption,
Or the granting of some wish?
Does our prayer honor our Creator
With disingenuous praise for The One?
Is our attempt at prayer kevah,
But without intention in our words?
Is our prayer defense against fear,
Or an outlet for our anger?
Do we pray only when needful,
Or do we pray when grateful?
Does our prayer come from anguish,
Or from pure joy and wonder?
When we begin our individual prayer,
Do we strive to find kavanah?
HaShem, I come with heartfelt petition;
That you hear when I speak,
Even if my words are silent.
That you allow your quiet whisper,
To break through to my soul.
I can pray for many things;
I can ask for abstract needs,
I can seek You for comfort,
I can ask to be unafraid,
Perhaps, I can ask too often…
This time, I do not ask
For material things or obtuse desires.
This time, I am simply seeking
To strengthen my connection to you.
Blessed are you HaShem 
Maker of the universe 
All gratitude belongs to you
Barukh atah HaShem
Yotzer hayekum
Kol hakarat hatodah shayakhat lakh 
ברוך אתה השם
יוצר היקום
כל הכרת התודה שייכת לך
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