Mystical Shofar Service

To hear the sound of the shofar I must acknowledge the simple truth of ultimate truth. Whether I call you truth or conscience or right and wrong or god or love or beauty or something else, you are unchanging, outside all time and space, beyond this contingent reality that I know
Beyond, yet near, just beyond the threshold. I only need to step across to stand on that solid ground as I hearken to the cries that might obliterate me.
Blast, break, shatter: the meaning of the call of the shofar.
Today, we are born.
blast break–shatter blast
blast break blast
blast shatter blast
So I’m broken, in shards that I fear might never coalesce into a whole being. But I sense you calling me back, remembering who I was-–who I am–recalling me to myself. I feel your gaze upon me. I follow the sound of your voice. I won’t forget my name, because of you, rememberer of forgotten things.
tekiah shevarim–truah tekiah
tekiah shevarim tekiah
tekiah truah tekiah
Now I’m standing among many, other fragments of the whole. We’re moving together toward something–a voice–but we can see it too. The voice, a pulsing thread of silver sound, iridescent, radiant, almost overpowering, beckons us forward, toward the mountain.
Now there’s another threshold, and this time we cross together. Everyone is gathering, all who have been lost, finally, by the silver, shimmering voice of the shofar that lights the way home for the scattered ones.  We were all broken, shards of divine light searching for so long. Today the shards gather–again, for the first time, as always, in our greatest joy. We are one.
tekiah shevarim–truah tekiah
tekiah shevarim tekiah
tekiah truah tekiah–gedolah
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