My Newborn Grandson’s First Seder

On Passover, we ask,
“Why is this night different from all other nights?”
But on Passover 5782/2022, I think,
“Why is this Seder different from all previous Seders?”
This year we have someone new joining our Seder table.
He is my precious newborn grandson.
He will hear the beautiful energy of our singing and praying
In Hebrew, Aramaic, and English.
He will hear the rhythm of our speech
And experience the joy in our voices and on our faces. 
He will feel the love,
And what will he do? 
He will breathe,
One miraculous, life-giving breath after another.
As I lovingly hold him,
He will look into my eyes
With intense concentration.
Maybe he will smile
Or make his lovely baby sounds.
And I will gaze back at him 
With total adoration
And pray that his future
Will be filled with moments like this,
A lifetime of glorious moments
Feeling loved by family and dear friends 
And enriched by his Judaism.

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  1. Joyous, enhancing. Seeing the next generation of life unfold, embraced by love and tradition. Here’s to your identity, sweet child.

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