A Mountain of Pandemic

It happened,
This morning,
As I was davenen;
Preparing to lead
On the occasion of
Rehearsing our death.
I blanked!
My voice keep singing
While my mind could not remember 
Which song was coming out of me.
I love you,
Precious sister,
Beloved friend.
But, I do not agree with you
On this matter of life,
And of death.
We are commanded,
By the Holy Matrix of The One,
To choose life.
I am sorry.
I do not have the words,
While standing on 
The Mountain of Curse
As I search
For the logic,
And the love,
In your home’s
Immovable stance against
The life-saving,
Morbidity ameliorating,
Global Pandemic Immunization.
I am breaking!
I do not know 
How I can be 
In your home,
Celebrating the birth 
Of this glorious world,
As life is held, 
Your life,
Even more so,
The lives of others,
Which to me,
Is short-sighted blindness
And reckless abandon.
There is a fist 
Banging on my heart
During these days of Awe.
And all I seem
Able to do
Right now,
Is hurt.
I am a nurse. 
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