The LIMBIC system controls the behavioral and emotional responses that we need to survive: feeding, reproduction, caring for our young, and fight or flight responses. – Queensland Brain Institute

Midrash teaches: it’s never a coincidence
           Rather a divinely intended connection
           When words share the same letters
           Revealing life’s sacred secrets
So we find ourselves in this LIMINAL time
           Between sleet and crocuses
           Between down parkas and hoodies
           Between darkness when we wake and dusk when we sleep
           Between the terror of unventilated spaces and hugging after vaxing.
Our LIMBIC system has held us hostage, keeping us on guard
           Approach me closer than 6 feet and I’ll jump back
           Double mask so the aerosols can’t fly
           And no singing or sighing aloud is ever allowed.
Now with each LIMB we yearn to 
           Stretch atrophied muscles
                        of laughter
                                                 of dancing
                                                                          of reaching toward each other’s warm LIMBS.
Untether the shutters of homes and hearts
           Proclaim LIMITLESS faith in the human spirit
           Poetry and paint are splashing with hope
           As we LIMN an awakening spring.

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