Knowing, Hearing and Walking: A New Blessing over the Shofar

Tonight, we are called upon to not merely listen but remake our hearing. We are commanded to hear the sound of the ram’s horn (Num. 29:1). And by the Psalmist’s words, not just to hear it, but truly “know” the sound (Ps. 89:15).

When the last note is sounded, will we forget the memory of the blast and go back to ourselves?
Or will we walk through the other side of our doorways, toward the sounds of others, coming to truly know all people, walking in the light of humanity and the light of G-d?
Blessed is the One who sanctifies the hearing of the shofar (lishmoa kol shofar), the People who know and rejoice in its sound (ashrei ha’am yodei ha’am teruah) and through sanctuary and welcome, awaken the whole world from slumber.

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