Held in the Hold

At each moment, the breath seeks to leave us, and the blessed Holy One, in great mercy, watches over us from moment to moment and has compassion for us, and does not let the breath depart. In this manner, when we raise this thought to awareness, from moment to moment, we (will recognize that we) actually are created anew as a new creature.

—Rabbi Levi Yizhak of Berdichev

Box breathing: A meditative exercise which repeats the pattern of exhaling four beats, pausing four beats, inhaling four beats, and pausing four beats.

The quiet 
exhale and inhale
The ignored hold that supports the breath.
The unremarkable, essential side of the box.
I dip into the silence, resting.
The breath arises eventually.
A brief and borrowed visit.
Each moment a result of God’s compassion.
I abide
In the void
Waiting to be 
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