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Healing Well

Holy One of Blessing, welcome me
As I enter your life-flow.
Surround me,
Embrace me,
Support me,
Renew me.
Bathe me in your healing waters, in your healing light,
B'or paneha y'haleikhun.
Carry me to new shores,
new beginnings,
new and renewed awareness.
Grant me the gift of renewal,
Renewal of body,
Renewal of spirit,
R'fuah shleimah,
Complete healing and renewal.

All water is a gift from the Holy One,
As I immerse myself, I begin a new cycle, a cycle of rebirth and renewal.
From Miriam's well I draw refreshing waters of sustenance,
sweet waters of healing,
sacred waters of renewal and new life,
To cleanse, to purify, to sustain, to renew, to bless.

From the Well of the Living One Who Sees Me, my eyes are opened
To new possibilities, to awareness, to comfort and healing.
From the wells of Rivkah, Rachel, and Tzipporah I draw strength and courage.
Batyah, extended her arm to Moshe and found her power,
Like Batyah, I extend myself body, mind, and soul to new possibilities.