Gifts of the Mothers: A Meditation for Healing

I wrote this healing meditation for a friend diagnosed with a brain tumor. It can be used for healing from pain, stress or grief by substituting these words wherever the word “tumor” appears. I wish to acknowledge my teacher and friend, Carol Rose, for her gifts of wisdom and light, which inspire my writing and my spirituality.

Imagine that you are walking in the desert. You see a woman approaching you. This woman is Sarah. She gives you a candle that never goes out. Meditate on the flame. Feel the streams of light entering your body, penetrating every cell, becoming a part of you. This light is healing and energizing. Feel this light surround and envelop the tumor in your body. Envision the light leaving your body, taking the tumor with it.

Now you see another woman approaching you. This woman is Rivkah. She gives you a beautiful golden cup filled with sparkling water. Pour the water over your body. It becomes a waterfall. Feel it as it shines and shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow. Feel this water cleanse, soothe, and heal you as it washes any residue of the tumor away.

Another woman approaches you. This woman is Rachel. She gives you a beautiful silk tallit with all the colors of the rainbow. Wrap yourself in the tallit. Feel the soft fabric caress you. Feel the Presence of Shekhinah all around you and within you. Feel the healing energy as you connect to the Divine Healer, Rofeh ha-Holim.

You meet another woman. This woman is Leah. She gives you a beautiful flower. The flower bursts into full bloom. It becomes a part of you. Feel the flower fill the space where the tumor was inside your body. Feel the space where the tumor was fill with hope, rebirth and renewal.

The women join hands and make a circle around you and bless you. You thank them for the gifts. Know that these gifts will always be there for you. Call on them when you are afraid, tired, exhausted, and in need of healing. Know that Shekhinah is always there for you. Know that the Divine Healer neither slumbers nor sleeps and is always there for you, lifting you on Healing Wings and renewing your strength.


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