Havdallah 5780

Havdallah, a time of transition and beginning …
Last night, we welcomed the Shechina and her gifts, 
Now, we bid her Shalom until next Shabbat.
As we say farewell, we sing of our wishes for
Peace, gladness, and increasing joy in the coming week.
Once that was easy to do, now it is infinitely complicated.
Like a misty, still forming thought, 
We see six unknown days ahead.
Six days of trepidation and worry.
There is no longer a presumption of safety,
There is no longer a belief that days to come
Will be better than those which have just passed.
Shabbat was a brief interlude of spiritual solace …
Havdallah, is a return to our shared discomfort.
Struggling against this plague and its dangers,
We cry for the world, for our loved ones, and for ourselves.
We know that none of us is exempt from judgement,
And we look to the heavens for help.
Adonai, all of humanity is praying for Your miracles.
We ask for a miracle cure, for a miraculous vaccine,
For You to deliver us from this current bondage.
We cry out to You, our Source and Creator; please,
Help us to find Positivity, Certainty, and Peace of Mind,
Bring us back to healthiness, restore our tattered souls.
Giver of Strength, guide us through this unrelenting desert
Just as You guided our ancestors so long ago.
With a Mighty Hand, and an Outstretched Arm,
Help us to safely cross this narrow bridge without worry.
Now, as it was then, lead us forward; Forward to safety 
Forward to shelter, forward to a new Promised Land.
Sustainer of Life, give life to all.
Ensure the safety of all those who are on the front lines.
Protect the doctors and nurses, scientists and lab techs.
Ride shotgun with the drivers who deliver our needs.
Provide armor for all those who stock and staff our stores.
Grant us health this Havdallah, and grant us another Shabbat.

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