God, Help Me

God, Your wonders beyond comprehension pass my eyes without my knowing,

God, help me to stop and reflect on the holiness that surrounds us.
God, forgive me for stumbling off the path of righteousness,
God, help me to return to You so that I may enact Your will.
God, my praises to You are broken and weak,
God, help me raise my voice so that my prayers may reach the high heavens above.
God, my mind, body, and soul, are aching,
God, help me renew my strength so that I may help those in need of strength.
God, I take for granted all the blessed days you have bestowed upon me,
God, help me realize that my days are finite so that I may live a more humble life.
God, I am lost in sorrow for the bitter sweet memories of those I loved who are no longer here,
God, help me to keep faith with those who sleep in the dust, for You are our hope in death as in life.
God of all, glorious sovereign, exalted ruler of the universe, my simple words cannot explain Your glorious majesty.
God, help me so that my actions may in some way reflect Your holiness to the world before my time runs out.
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