Finding Light for Shabbat

Maybe this year, 
You’ve been burning the candle at both ends…
Or maybe you’ve been working hard on a project and said to yourself, 
When looking to your colleague’s success:
My work doesn’t hold a candle to their’s…
Maybe you had an awesome idea
but by the time
You finally got the green light, 
Your excitement was snuffed…
Or maybe you had an argument
And you thought it had been resolved, 
But you discovered that actually
You were still light-years apart…
Or maybe in this past year, 
Your self-reflection shed light
On something in your life that brings you joy
That you never noticed before…
And maybe in this past year, 
In the clear light of day, 
You were lost and then you were found…
And maybe in this past year, 
After periods of darkness, 
Finally – there was light at the end of the tunnel.
We kindle light every Shabbat and every festival day, 
The hallowed tallow of our tradition.
As you gaze into their flame tonight and this coming year, 
May they illuminate your struggles and your successes
May they cast the light of comfort and clarity
May they light your path to renewal and return.
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