Expanded Awareness

This is a prayer for when I find myself consumed by reading a Facebook post, an article, or absorbed by my cell phone. It is for when I am experiencing intense focus and tunnel vision. This ritual prayer invites expanded awareness of our surroundings and God’s presence.
This is an expansion of the prayer that begins the Amidah asking Adonai to open our lips to praise. When I use this prayer, I remain focused on what I am engrossed in, but also think these words:
Adonai, sefatai tiftakh
Ufi yagid t’hilatekha
Adonai, open up my lips
So my mouth can speak Your praises. 
Koh, open up my ears 
So my heart can appreciate Your words.
Shaddai, open up my eyes 
So I can behold Your glory.
El Elyon, open up my back 
So what’s beyond my knowledge can feel You.
Ruakh, open up my mind 
So my soul can experience Your love.
Shekhinah, let me be present to You inside me.
Ha Kol, open me up to include Your wholeness 
So I can serve All.
Blessed are You, Holy One, for expanding my awareness
So I can know Shalom.
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