Espaclaria is a Mirror Sometimes Cloudy Sometimes Clear

The leaders sat down in the circle of deliberation in front of the espaclaria the Mirror of Clarity they washed their hands and opened with: I did not shed this blood.

Then they invoked the faces of victims both sides and they consulted the elders and they promised to overcome all inherited obstacles and pledged to not move from that place until –

Every single response was offered up with discernment compassion and the necessity to act knowing the work implies purification a control of weaponry an expansion of mind services a refinement of culture.

They deliberated sensibly about danger and they opened up the treasuries to treat the untreated they made the case compelling to culturists who buried the old juvenalia they were selling –

In the dirt around the graves of the vulnerable and they sat there for as long as it took making a public pledge: I will not leave this place until we are done with the old ways.

* Espaclaria is from the Latin specularia: a mirror, a glass, or a window. Yev.49b.

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