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Elul: I am for My Beloved and My Beloved is for Me

field of red flowers
* Inspired by Parashat Shoftim
The King awaits,
As the flowers 
Of the field,
Displayed in forms of
Golden illumination,
Heart-shaped, dappled hue
On the tree trunk
Facing me.
And with my back up,
Against another,
In a garden named
After a Queen.
I have come to immerse,
As I had for years,
A Jewess in a suburban home,
Rendered near-complete,
Bathing in a rainforest.
To this new-to-us place
Of healing amongst the cedars;
A special embrace
Is shared.
Cradled by a branch of a deciduous tree,
Near seamlessly enfolded by solid conifer trunk, 
You are the one pointing out
Between two trees,
Inextricably linked together.
It happened while we marveled
In silence:
A steady stream of tiny ants
Ever so close, 
Then diverging;
An army’s worth of avoidance,
Of Your out-stretched right hand. 
Bodily nefesh bows, 
As a breeze of Ruach
Blows a question
Softly enough to make the tips
Of my feathers quiver.
“Whom do I want to be with?”
A still small voice answers.
“Baruch HaShem,
My lover is always,
As always
Right here.”

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