D’ror Yikra

In the first stanza of this piyut, every line concludes with the letters ‘bat (daughter/girl)’. Thus it was customarily sung in honor of a daughter:

דְּרוֹר יִקְרָא לְבֵן עִם בַּת בַּת בַּת

וְיִנְצָרְכֶם כְּמוֹ בָבַת בַּת בַּת

נְעִים שִׁמְכֶם וְלֹא יֻשְׁבַּת בַּת בַּת

שְׁבוּ וְנוּחוּ בְּיוֹם שַׁבָּת בַּת בַּת


D’ror yikra l’veyn im bat bat bat

V’yintzarkhem k’mo v’vat bat bat

N’im simkhem v’lo yushbat bat bat


He will proclaim freedom for all his children
And will keep you as the apple of his eye
Pleasant is your name and will not be destroyed
Repose and rest on the Sabbath day

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