Choosing to Survive

We are being confronted
with choosing:
choosing to be Chosen;
choosing to choose;
choosing how we interpret 
the Torah we dedicate our lives to;
choosing which middah is most called for
in the balance of rachamin
during this time of Light battling Dark.
More chesed?
More gevurah?
We have the choice
to take a stand
while being pulled into 
a larger vision of Olam
Are we living
all time,
all space,
even as we occupy this mundane realm
where some value human life,
all of human life,
as Holy?
There is a war going on,
with battle aims that are different.
And no matter how I might try not to take a side,
with arms reaching round the Torah 
that was gifted to my people
as a wedding treasure from The Beloved,
I know I have a duty to do what I can
to ensure that my people survive.
We must survive
for one fundamental reason:
we have a job to do.
We are here
to raise up 
the Light.



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