Birkat Hodesh Ga’avah: A Blessing for Pride Month

May it be Your will,

our God and God of our ancestors,

God of Ruth and Naomi, 

God of David and Jonathan, 

God of Joseph, 

God of all our queer ancestors whose names have been erased, 

grant that this Pride month bring us joy and celebration, 

and bestow upon us a long life:

a life of safety, 

a life of healing,

a life of employment and housing, 

a life of love and support, 

a life of blessing and sharing of gifts,

a life free of shame and reproach,

a life of friendship, partnership, and love in the ways we wish to give and receive it, 

a life with dreams of the future.


May the One who delivered our ancestors from oppression to freedom, redeem us and all marginalized peoples. 


May the Holy One instill in us the wisdom to know our liberations are entwined together. 


May the One who creates liberation on high,

bring liberation to us, 

to all oppressed communities, 

and to the entire world, 

V’nomar, and we say, 


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