There is joy
At the sight
Of the white fire
Spaces of Torah
Where Aleph
Freely floats,
Then forms herself
Around the black fire.
Aleph – silence
Of all that is
The no-place
Of the origin
Of the Creation.
Elohim differentiates.
YHVH unites.
It’s funny,
In a way,
That the mystical experience
You say we had
During the embrace,
Where breath dissolved,
And skin erased,
Where colors seamlessly glided,
Shared, between an
Us that monetarily ceased,
A state beyond
What could only
Be dreamed of
As making love,
Had just occurred.
Crazier still,
The only time I was aware that you
Were separate from me
Was when I imagined you
As my conjoined twin:
An awareness only
That your face
Was beside mine,
Albeit looking
The other way.
I became overwhelmed
By you describing
What it was
That I was seeing.
Filled with yirah
That what I do,
Everything that I do,
Will always affect you.
Seamless bodies,
Unified space.
Maybe aloneness
Can be banished,
After all,
But in order to relinquish it
An acceptance of the Oneness
And the responsibility
Embodied there.

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