Bereishit: An Alternative Baby Shower


The birth of this baby is a gift to the world. We pray that this child will grow up to live a life of good deeds, and, so, in his/her honor, we wanted to do something special for all the babies that are not quite as lucky as this child will be. Therefore, during the time that we are visiting and sharing together, we are also going to be making little no-sew blankets for babies in Infant Welfare League. May those babies be comforted by the softness of the fleece, and by the first act of kindness done in the name of this new life.  

Explanations of how to make the blanket can be found here:

As we begin tying the knots on the edges of the fleece to create these blankets, we ask that each person present share a story about someone they would like to metaphorically bring into the room today.

Who was a hero to you? 
What lesson did they teach you about how to be a mentch
Why do you think this person would be a good role model for the baby and/or these new parents-to-be? 


Have a bowl of colorful beads and ask each guest to choose one bead and string it on a piece of jewelry wire. As they do, ask them to give the new parents a blessing or a piece of advice to remember as they look forward to the birth of their baby. 

What wisdom do you have for them to remember?  


Go around the room and ask each person to share a word or short phrase to be a legacy to the new baby. These words will later be written on stones and given to the new parents to keep for the baby one day. Stones are permanent, they are of the natural world, and they are a reminder of strength and stability. It is our wish that these blessings/prayers for the baby will remind these new parents that even as many aspects of their lives may be changing, we remain a force of stability and support for them, helping them to retain their focus on these goals/prayers for their new child. 


a. Baruch atah adonai eloheinu melech ha’olam, oseh ma’ahseh Bereishit.  

Blessed are You Adonai our God, giver of the Universe, who does the work of creating.

b. Baruch atah adonai, eloheinu melech ha’olam, shehechiyanu, v’ke’manu, vhege’anu, lazman hazeh.                  

Blessed are you Adonai our God, who kept us alive, sustained us all and allowed us to reach this special day.  

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