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In Appreciation of Those Who Work the Fields

By Interfaith Worker Justice

O God of seed and harvest, we come to this table mindful of Your graciousness.

It is truly a miracle that this food before us:
the Kansas wheat, the poultry from Alabama, the corn from Iowa, the potatoes from Idaho, the fruit from California, (foods from other regions may be added) becomes us.

Our eyes, our hearts, our hands, our bodies – alive with the cells and juices of our muscles, bones and flesh – are created and nourished by the food from your bountiful hand.

Keep us mindful of the workers whose labor makes our meal possible. May the nourishment of this meal strengthen us to work for justice and equity, in a compassionate and merciful way, among those who labor in the fields and workplaces to feed us.



Found in: Thanksgiving

Tags: Labor Day