And You Shall Bind Them as a Sign: A Creation Kavannah for Wrapping Tefillin Straps

close up of light skinned man's arm wrapped in tefillin as he holds a siddur and wears a tallit
The following seven “bindings” may be recited while wrapping the tefillin straps, one “binding” with one wrap around the arm.
I bind myself to light and darkness, brightness and night.I bind myself to You.I bind myself to clouds and sky, upper waters and lower waters.I bind myself to You.I bind myself to endless seashores, mosses, and fragrant trees.I bind myself to You.I bind myself to moon and stars, Milky Way and brilliant sun.I bind myself to You.I bind myself to blue whale and minnow, woodpecker and calling geese.I bind myself to You.I bind myself to dragonflies and buffalo, my self and my beloved.I bind myself to You.I bind myself to peace and songs of praise, wholeness and breath.I bind myself to You.A Shorter tefillin-wrapping accompaniment:מציאות הדבריםערבות וענניםיבשות וצמחיםלבנה וכוכביםעופות ודגיםחיות ואנשיםבשבת נחיםWorld comes to beand atmosphere,greenery and seas,heavenly spheres,sea creatures, sky creatures,humans and land creatures.Sabbath of peace.
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