Adonai, Sefatai Tiftakh: Oh God, Open My Lips

I have always loved the idea that Jews have a prayer to be able to pray. So many of us struggle with what it means to pray – how can we open our mouths, our lips, our hearts and speak something that is true and honest?
Adonai, Sefatai Tiftakh
“My lips are sealed”
we say
when we want to keep a secret.                                                                                
What are the secrets we keep
even from ourselves?
What happens when our lips are sealed with hot wax?
Stamped with words of
What happens when the wax hardens,
crusted, unbreakable?
What happens when we forget
that our lips once moved freely
opening wide to declare praise and joy and gratitude?
What warmth might melt the seal?
What power might free the words and songs trapped inside?
God who dwells within us
and in our world
melt the hard crust
open our lips
allow us to sing again.
Adonai Sefatai Tiftakh

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