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On MLK Day, A Shabbat Ritual That Makes a Difference

By Repair the World
Sometimes, the hardest thing about observing rituals is not choosing or creating the rituals themselves: it’s about making time for them. We may be super well-intentioned. We may crave the...  more

Seeking Light #After Cancer

By Rabbi Ilana Garber
They kept telling me that once we got through the terrible summer, the “summer of yuck” as we called it, that I would find light, happiness and health. They tried to reassure me, as we checked each...  more

Human Rights Shabbat: Campaign to End Mass Incarceration

By Rabbi Seth Wax
But we must recall the innate human dignity of every person, every prisoner, and recognize their need for healing, too. T'ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights supports communities in marking...  more

How to Include Everyone in Our Jewish-Mexican Wedding

By Hila Ratzabi
I was, and remain, confident that my connection to Judaism is strong enough to share with my husband who is not Jewish and our future children. When José and I first started dating, my Jewish...  more

Getting Most of the Words Right

By Laurel Snyder
People often assume that as Jews continue to intermarry, observance will decline. But that’s an incredibly pessimistic view.  I have never suggested to my Catholic-born husband that he...  more

A Mission to Welcome: Celebrating Interfaith Families

By Rabbi Sarah Tasman
I hope that all couples I work with, especially interfaith couples, will be empowered to make Jewish rituals and practices their own. One of my favorite parts of being a rabbi and the director of...  more

Call for Submissions: Jewish Interfaith Connections

By Ritualwell
We welcome your submissions on Jewish interfaith connections, in honor of Interfaith Family month. Ritualwell is a living archive of Jewish rituals that draw on both tradition and the contemporary...  more