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My Yearly Adventure in Magical Thinking

by Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.
Just before Yom Kippur, I observe the ritual of kapparot. I like to think of myself as a modern girl—really, I’m almost a caricature, with my iPad and Vibram shoes. But when Yom Kippur rolls...  more

Check, Please!

JT Waldman
Conducting a Heshbon Ha'Nefesh Everyone preps for the hagim in different ways: taking the first steps of teshuvah, cooking massive family meals, preparing dynamic divrei [no-glossary]torah[/no-...  more

The Names We Carry

by Rabbi Roni Handler
Somehow, hearing a list of individuals who’ve been lost brings us together. When I first tuned in Sunday morning to the commemoration at Ground Zero, my mind was transported to Yom Hashoah...  more

Best Laid Plans

by Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg-Krainin, Ph.D.
What I learned from a wrong turn on the road to the perfect ritual. My husband and I are both rabbis, so there is a lot of ritual around our house. But we also have three children, who have taught...  more

Bending Time

by Rabbi Deborah Glanzberg Krainin, Ph.D.
I just spent five days on an isolated lake in the Adirondacks with my husband, a canoe and a case of red wine. We stayed in a blinged-out yurt—with water, electricity, a comfy bed and a deck you...  more


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