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Fantastic Prayers and Where to Find Them

By Alden Solovy
God is near. God is distant. The angels argue.  Strange, fantastic, holy beings inhabit the Tanakh. Seraphim. Ophanim. Hayot Ha-kodesh. Beings with four wings. Other beings with six wings....  more

Grieving through the Omer

By Kami Knapp
What do we do when our Jewish practices are painful, when instead of anticipation and joy one is filled with hesitancy and dread? My father passed away unexpectedly on December 31st, 2016, the...  more

The Long Road Ahead: Omer 10, Tiferet sh’be’Gevurah

By Alden Solovy
I’ve seen it happen to hikers on the trail: in the Grand Canyon, on Mount Rainier, on Mount Shasta. The length and weight of the trail can simply crush the will out of an otherwise capable hiker....  more

Passover Sneaking Up on You? Let Serach Be Your Guide

By Ariana Katz
Serach is the one who helps us, the unready, become ready. Passover is approaching sooner than we'd like to admit, and as usual, I'm not ready. It behooves me to remember that I'm in a...  more

A New Haggadah Marking 50 Years of Occupation

By Jessica Montell
The Seder Night is a call for change.  The traditional haggadah is a multi-layered document that tells an ancient story, but also commands us to see that story in the present tense: as if we...  more

How to Design an Artistic Omer Counting Practice

By D'vorah Horn
The most important aspect of engaging in an expressive practice for the Omer counting period is to give yourself as much compassion (hesed) as possible. Many years ago, in 1976, I was a student of...  more

Freedom and Responsibility

By Alden Solovy
The Jewish concept of freedom is not solely about escaping bondage. It’s not freedom “from,” it’s freedom “to.”  If the story of the Exodus from Egypt was just about freedom from slavery it...  more