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Headshot of Sheri Lindner

A Ritual of Sending Challah to Kids in College

Sheri Lindner
Although I always seem to pick the hottest day of summer, it is a ritual whose heat and aroma wraps me in serenity, like the fine silk of a tallit. Although I always seem to pick the hottest day...  more
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Jumu’ah Mubaarakah and Shabbat Shalom

By Alden Solovy
There’s a test on everything here these days. Patience. Forgiveness. Understanding. “Shabbat Shalom (שבת שלום),” Mohammad said to me on Thursday after Ulpan, our intense Hebrew-language class. “...  more
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Call for Submissions: Embracing the Stranger

Submit by July 31st for this special publication for the High Holidays During Elul (the month of spiritual preparation before the High Holidays begin), the Reconstructionist Rabbinical Association...  more

A Reflection on Jewish Masculinity for Father's Day

By David Eber
We boys did not know how to comfort other boys, an example of a culture of male toughness, silence, and violence.       I still have a vivid memory from high school of a PE...  more

Saying Goodbye in the Jewish Tradition

By Kami Knapp
Is a ritual for saying goodbye to a sacred text appropriate for saying goodbye to people? Jewish tradition and the Hebrew language have many ways for saying goodbye: Shalom Shalom Aleykhem L’...  more

Almost Home: Omer 45, Tiferet sh’be’Malchut

By Alden Solovy
I can feel the energy of the mountain. Our pace has quickened. There are gifts awaiting. Day 45. We’re close now. Anticipation has become excitement. The goal is in reach. I can feel the energy of...  more

Call for Submissions: Father's Day

By Ritualwell
Ritualwell invites you to submit new content related to Father’s Day. We are seeking guest blog posts, rituals, poems, prayers, songs… whatever you can imagine. For some specific ideas, see below...  more