Category: Mourning & Bereavement

Photo of Bija Gutoff
By Bija Gutoff
April 13, 2021
I cannot visit my father’s grave because he doesn't have one. 
The Mourner’s Way: A Review of Rabbi Me’irah Iliinsky’s Mapping the Journey
By Alden Solovy
October 10, 2018
An artistic validation of the many textures of grief
Reconstructing Yahrzeit
By Ed Towbin Issur ha-Levi
May 30, 2018
How could I replace an empty exercise with something meaningful?
A Sea of Names: Healing our Imperfect Relationships through Mourner’s Kaddish
By Donna Harel
February 15, 2018
New boats come each week as the familiar ones start to leave. You connect, once a week, to the lost soul...
Design Your Own Ritual with a Little Help from a Rabbi
By Rabbi Kami Knapp
August 2, 2017
Ritual helps us pay attention. From the joy of a recovery to the grief of a funeral, ritual helps us inhabit the breadth of human experience.
In the Corners of My Home: A Reflection on a Year of Kaddish
By Ariana Katz
July 31, 2017
The holiday of Tisha B’Av, the 9th of Av, compels us to see boundaries differently—instead of separating out personal loss from communal loss ... we compact grief into one uniting experience
Grieving through the Omer
By Kami Knapp
April 21, 2017
What do we do when our Jewish practices are painful, when instead of anticipation and joy one is filled with hesitancy and dread?
Grief is Not a Learning Opportunity
By Ariana Katz
February 27, 2017
Carl Jung explains a concept called synchronicity, which means that events can be “meaningful coincidences” if they are not causally related but seem to have a particular connection.
Queer Families
By Ariana Katz
January 25, 2017
Building queer family is an act of resistance.
Grief is Not a Learning Opportunity
By Ariana Katz
November 22, 2016
When I have been in moments of grief and someone tells me, “You will learn so much from this,” I want to scream.

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