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Prayer for those who lost their lives in the Mount Meron stampede on Lag B’Omer, April 29, 2021

Prayer for Those Lost at Mount Meron

An honest redefinition of humility

Omer Day 33: Lag B’Omer – Humility of Humility

How do we live after we caused the fire?”

Enkindling Community: A Blessing for Lag B’Omer

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A video meditation in sofrut on humility, kavod (honor), and the burning light of Torah for day 33, Lag B’Omer

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A journey toward and thru Lag B’Omer: presence within presence

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Description of the first haircut in Jewish tradition

First Haircut

The Reconstructionist Network

Learning to Say "We": Writing Identity

In this immersion, we will reflect and expand on our personal experiences of identity, using writing exercises and in-depth discussions to think about, challenge, discover, explore, and experiment with different ways to identify ourselves, to consider how those ways connect us to and separate us from others, and how they represent and misrepresent aspects of who we are.

Four sessions, starting June 15th

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