We Need Justice and Kindness

Humanistic Judaism was founded as a congregational movement in 1963 by the late Rabbi Sherwin T. Wine, and has emerged as a stream of Judaism that enables people of any ethnic or religious background to cherish Jewish history, culture, and ethics without worshipping or praying to a supernatural being. (Traditional melody of “Avinu Malkenu;” words attributed to Rabbi Akiva in the Talmud, Taanit 25b. Humanistic version by Rabbi Sherwin Wine and Rabbi Binyamin Biber)  

We need
to cleanse our hearts
for lacking among us  
are enough good deeds. 
Let there be among us
more justice and kindness,
and mutual aid. 
Tzrikhim anahnu
l'taher libeinu
ki ein banu 
maspik ma'asim. 
T'hi imanu
od tzedakah v'hesed
viy'shuah hadadit. 

צְרִיכִים אֲנַחְנוּ

לְטַהֵר לִבֵּינוּ

כִּי אֵין בָּנוּ

מַסְפִּיק מַעֲשִׂים

תְּהִי עִמָּנוּ

 עוֹד צְדָקָה וְחֶסֶד

וִישׁוּעָה הֲדָדִית 

(sing last line; repeat from "T'hi") 

As an affiliate of the Society for Humanistic Judaism (SHJ), Machar is part of the national and international Humanistic Judaism movement. The International Institute for Secular Humanistic Judaism (IISHJ) is the educational arm of our movement, training rabbis and other leaders.

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