We Are Verbs: A Poem for the Days of Awe

multicolored sunset at the beach with person standing at the shore with arms open in silhouette
I asked God what I can do to
improve myself and the world.
The Source of Consciousness
blessed me with an answer.
Remember, God said, that I am
becoming what I am becoming, as are you.
Know that from each fresh moment to the next,
you are born and reborn again.

We are verbs, you and I, said God.
Kindness is a verb. When you do kindness,
you give wings to hope;
Compassion is a verb. When you do compassion,
you activate the energy of empathy;
Generosity is a verb.
When you do generous, you raise the vibration of gratitude;
Listening is a verb.
When you do listening, you awaken understanding;
Peace is a verb.
When you do peace, the energy of wisdom reverberates;
Stillness is a verb.
When you do stillness, the energy of faith is restored;
Prayer is a verb.
When you do prayer, the energy of joy, healing potential, and return ignites.

May you be blessed to know that your seemingly small acts
kindle everlasting flames of love, goodness, repair.
May you be blessed to know
You are the redeemed and the redeemer
You are the blessed and the blessing
You are the lover and the beloved.
And so together,
we are the unbounded light of consciousness,
the unending essence of divine spark,
life unfolding through eternity.
May you be so blessed.
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