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person crouched on the floor leaning against a wall. they are wearing a hood over their head and have their fists clasped together over their face. the picture is black and white.
Help me to pick up this tragedy,
To raise up my grief,
Help me defeat this illness.
For this disorder robs me,
It ravages my soul every day without end.
Eternal One, please help me transform this war,
Raging inside my mind and soul, into a fire that drives me.
A raging fire to enact Your mitzvot,
A fire that reminds me of my sorrow I have faced, so that my heart may never become hardened.
For the sun shines in the heavens above,
But I do not see it.
For I have a roof over my head,
But I am still cold.
For my soul is restored to me for another day,
But I just want the sun to set again.
For my depression is a wicked thing,
But I am taking this horrid thing, and trying to use it to repair a world far from peace.

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