“The Sun Will Shine Again”: A Covid 19 Musical Meditation

A musical meditation to address the isolation of COVID-19. Remember to breathe and stay in the moment if you can, as I am sending all my light out to you in hope and healing. 
Psalm 142:8 says Hotziah mi-masger nafshi l’hodot et shemekha. Bring my soul out of prison that I may give thanks to your name.
Chords and Lyrics for “The Sun Will Shine Again”
by Elizabeth Sternlieb 2020
D sus 4 D
Take a breath….The day will come
D sus 2 D 
Take a breath….when we will be free again.
Imagine rays of sunshine breaking through clouds
G A Bm C D sus (D)
feel the warmth of healing light upon you
D G 
Take a breath…prepare to carry on.
take a breath….reach out to those you love
G2 D
Stay centered through shadows and rain
G2 G2 A2 D
summon all your courage, summon all you strength. The sun will shine again
Sh’ma koli…hear my voice
Tain li ometz… give me courage
D F#m
Sh’ma t’filati…hear my prayer
Tain li koakh…give me strength
Am d 
L’hakhazir et rukhi…return my spirit 
AM d
Shuvah nafshi….restore my soul
F Am
Keep us in health, keep us in wholeness
Hold us in love, hold us in peace…
Many thanks to Brian Gelfand and Beth Styles.

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